We turn 5 water bottles into 1 pair of Reshape™ Eco Eyewear

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A million water bottles are bought around the world every minute That's why we created Reshape™, which is 100% RPET material. We want to create an eco friendly eyewear that avoid millions tons of plastics being put in our enviroment

Reshape™ is made from water bottle

1 Pair of Reshape™ Eyewear Frame is made of 5 Recycled Water Bottles

According to recent studies, Americans used about 50 billion plastic water bottles last year. In the U.S., the recycling rate for plastic is only 23 percent, which means that 38 billion water bottles end up in landfills, oceans, and waterways each year.

It takes plastic 1000+ years to degrade. Meaning most of the plastic you have used in your life still exists somewhere. While recycling is a good alternative to the landfill, a very small percentage of plastic waste actually gets recycled!

Let’s #Make The World Better

By 2050, the ocean plastics
will outnumber the fish

We are Upcycling the Water Bottles

Upcycle means that we reuse in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.

While producing reshape™, we are actually upcycling the water bottles into high quality, lightweight, and eco-friendly eyewear

This innovation gives us the opportunity to upcycle water bottles, which you may throw into trash bin, into a pair of frame

It doesn't matter that you are not zero-waste. It matters that you are trying

Recycled Water Bottle (100% RPET)

5 Recycled Water Bottles can turn into 1 Pair of Reshape™ Eyewear
Solid Colors and Tortoise available
BPA Free
Food Grade Material
Global Recycled Standard (GRS) 4.0
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